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Based On Your Answers You Show... 

High Levels of People Pleasing.

You often prioritise other people's needs while neglecting your own, which can mean your needs take a back seat.


While caring for others is a great trait to have, caring for yourself is equally important.

To discover how to begin prioritising yourself and ensure your needs are met - watch the 1-minute video below for your next steps...

Book Your Power
Hour Coaching Session

It's very rare that I offer Power Hour Sessions outside of my coaching programmes, but when I do, I normally charge €250 per session.


Because I can see you are committed to your transformation, you can book your Session for only €97


This 61% discount is exclusively for you

Sessions book up fast at this hugely discounted price, so if you’re ready to ditch those people pleasing habits, pick a time below to book your session.

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